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Personalised Wedding Keepsake & Memory Boxes

Handcrafted, Custom Storage for Your Most Precious Wedding Day Memories

Looking for a way to hold onto those wedding day memories?

A Wedding Keepsake Box does just that. It's where you can keep the big things, like your vows, and the little things, like the cork from your first toast as a married couple. Our Wedding Keepsake & Memory Boxes are made for every love story. Find the perfect one to keep your wedding day treasures safe and sound.

Start here to find a Keepsake Box that tells your love story.

Keeping Your Special Moments Safe


Why a Wedding Keepsake Box is a Must-Have for Every Couple

A Wedding Keepsake Box isn't just for safekeeping your Wedding mementos; it's your personal time capsule of love.

It protects all the special moments from your big day so you and your partner can relive them whenever you want. It's the perfect way to keep your memories fresh and share the joy with family and friends, even years down the line. Plus, it's a great reminder of your journey together, helping you keep those important moments close to your heart.

So why should every married couple have a Wedding Keepsake Box? Because it keeps the love and memories of your wedding day alive, making it easy to share and remember the best parts of your special day, together.

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Personalised Photo Wedding Keepsake Boxes

Capture the smiles and moments of your special day with a Personalised Photo Wedding Keepsake Box. Add your favorite wedding picture to the lid of a beautifully crafted wooden box, creating a personal spot for all your cherished wedding keepsakes.

A Home for Every Memory


What You Can Store in Your Wedding Keepsake Box

Wondering what treasures from your wedding day deserve a spot in your keepsake box? Here’s a list of ideas to capture the essence of your celebration:

  • Your Wedding Vows: The heartfelt words you exchanged, a lasting reminder of your promises to each other.
  • The Invitation: Your guests’ first glimpse into your special day, calling together all your loved ones.
  • Dried Flowers: From your bouquet or boutonniere, these blooms are a delicate snapshot of your day’s beauty.
  • Photos: Candid shots and posed pictures that capture the laughter, tears, and joy experienced by all.
  • Personal Notes and Gifts: Meaningful messages and thoughtful gifts from those who shared in your happiness.
  • The Seating Chart or Place Cards: A memento of the care you took in bringing your favorite people together.
  • A Piece of Your Wedding Attire: A swatch from your dress or a button from a suit, symbolising the style and essence of the day.
  • Wedding Favors: A sample of the keepsakes you shared with guests, embodying the spirit of your celebration.
  • A Copy of Your Menu or Wedding Program: A reminder of the flavors and flow of the day’s events.
  • First Dance Lyrics: The song that played as you shared your first dance, echoing the emotions of that moment.
  • A Toast or Speech Transcript: Words of wisdom, humor, and love spoken by family and friends, capturing the voices that celebrated your union.
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Engraved Wedding Keepsake & Memory Boxes

Mark your special day with an Engraved Wedding Keepsake Box, intricately carved with your personalised text, image or logo. These elegant wooden boxes offer a sophisticated way to store your wedding day treasures.

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7 Top Tips for Saving Your Wedding Keepsakes with a Memory Box

Looking for a heartfelt way to preserve your wedding day memories? Our latest blog post, "7 Top Tips for Saving Your Wedding Keepsakes with a Memory Box," guides you through creating a personal treasure trove of your special day. From choosing the perfect memory box that reflects your wedding theme and personal style, to customising it with engravings or a digital touch like QR codes for online galleries, we cover it all.

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Best Man & Bridesmaid Wedding Keepsake Gift Boxes

Show your gratitude with Best Man and Bridesmaid Wedding Gift Boxes, personalised to honour the unique bond you share. These keepsake boxes are a heartfelt way to say thank you for their support and memories made together.

Personalised Wedding Card Boxes

Safeguard the heartfelt wishes from your big day with a Wedding Card Keepsake Box. Perfect for use at your Wedding Reception, these wooden treasures offer a beautiful home for all the congratulatory cards and notes you've received, keeping them intact and cherished. It’s an elegant way to remember the love and support of your family and friends.

Custom Wedding Keepsake Box Designs


Make It Uniquely Yours with Custom Designs & Styles

Do you have a special logo, picture, or design that you love? Let us turn it into something extraordinary on your Wedding Keepsake Box, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your unique journey as a couple.

Our custom options are as limitless as your dreams. From your favorite symbols and family emblems to personal drawings and everything in between, we bring your visions to life. Plus, with our selection of custom fonts, you can find the perfect script that speaks to you, adding an even more personal touch to your box.

Looking for the right colours to match your Wedding style? We've got you covered with a variety of wood stain options to make your box just right. Want your design to pop? Choose from our range of colours for your text or image, including popular choices like gold and silver, to add a splash of luxury.

Whether you have a design ready to go or need help starting from scratch, our exclusive design service is here to make your custom Wedding Keepsake Box dreams come true.


Wedding Keepsake Boxes: Crafted with Care at Make Memento

At Make Memento, we specialise in creating personalised wedding keepsake boxes that stand out for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Each of our wedding keepsake boxes is handcrafted with care, turning them into exquisite treasures that will be valued for generations. We pour our hearts into every detail, from selecting the finest wood to applying the last touch of finish, ensuring that every box we create is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

We're not just making boxes; we're crafting keepsakes that capture and preserve your most precious wedding day memories. Our dedication to delivering the best means you're getting a piece that's not only beautiful but also embodies the highest standards of quality and design.


Handcrafted with Love: Cherishing Your Wedding Moments in Every Detail

Select From Top-Quality Woods: Pine and Oak

For your wedding keepsake boxes, choose nothing but the finest with our pine and oak options. Pine brings a warm, natural charm, while oak offers enduring elegance. Both woods are chosen for their sustainability and strength, making them perfect for preserving your most treasured wedding memories.

Enhanced Security with Lock and Key

Add a layer of security to your keepsakes with our optional lock and key feature. This ensures that your most valued wedding memorabilia, from love letters to jewelry, is kept safe and private, all while adding an elegant touch to your keepsake box.

A Size for Every Memory

With six sizes available, from small to extra-large, our boxes cater to all types of keepsakes — be it your wedding vows written on delicate paper or an array of photos. Our selection ensures you find the perfect match for any keepsake you wish to store, making each box a thoughtful gift or a personal treasure trove.

Built to Last, Designed to Impress

Constructed with longevity in mind, our wedding keepsake boxes are meant to be cherished over lifetimes. Their enduring craftsmanship and timeless appeal guarantee they remain as meaningful as the memories they hold. Adaptable to any décor, these boxes not only store your memories safely but also add a touch of style to your home.

A Timeless Keepsake


Why You'll Love Having a Wedding Keepsake Box

A Wedding Keepsake Box isn’t just a box. It's a gateway back to one of the most beautiful days of your life. Here’s why you’ll love having one:

  • Capture the Emotions: Every item stored is a snapshot of joy, love, and celebration. Revisiting them brings the day back to life.
  • Personal History: It’s a piece of your shared history, holding the stories you’ll tell for generations.
  • Safekeeping: From the delicate lace of your dress to the handwritten vows you exchanged, everything is kept safe in one place.
  • A Beautiful Reminder: Placed in your home, it's a constant, beautiful reminder of your bond and the day it was celebrated.
  • Unique to You: With so many designs and personalization options, your keepsake box is as unique as your wedding day.
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Extremely happy ! Really well made, well packaged, great communication from the start, absolutely fantastic to deal with and very happy with end result. Thank-you



Excellent communication and customer service. Great product. Would highly recommend. Beautiful keyrings. Partner loved them.



Very good. Just as I ordered and went down a treat with my wife.


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