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Once upon a time…

Our family run company has been making gifts for over a decade. Take a look at our story, and follow our journey to find out who we are and why we love what we do!

Our Story

All you need is love...and a really good business idea

Meet the Husband & Wife Team behind Make Memento, & find out how a Wedding started a succesful handmade gift business with customers around the world!

Meet the Team


How it all began


It all started with a Wedding...

Over a decade ago, we were planning our Wedding but couldn't find the right wedding favours as gifts for our guests. We wanted something really special - a keepsake memento of our wedding that they could keep forever.

After months of searching, we still couldn't find anything we quite liked. And just like that, we had the idea to create our own personalised gifts for each guest!

We decided to make something small that could be easily gifted at a Wedding and carried around as we had a lot of guests travelling, so we opted for personalised wooden keyrings.


Our first product

That week, we made our first 100 keyrings, personalised with the name of each guest, and the date of the wedding. Once we gifted them at the Wedding and saw everyone's reaction, with many of our friends telling us we should make more to sell... well, the rest is history!

By the time we returned from our Honeymoon, we had a Business name and a new adventure to begin.


Made by us, created for you.

Before we knew it, we were all systems go! We set up our first website and began selling. By the end of that year, we had sold 100's of keyrings, and were working our way through our new journey as Entrepreneurs. As we continued to grow, our business got bigger and better, offering many different ranges of gifts and products. Our favourite is still the Personalised Wooden Keyring as it means so much to us! Today, we've made over 15,000 sales globally, and Make Memento continues to go from strength to strength!

Our Milestones


Featured in


Top rated Etsy seller


Selling Internationally in over 30 countries

Follow our journey on Socials - @makememento

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