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Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials: Top 10 Items to Include

Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials: Top 10 Items to Include

Written by: Make Memento


A wedding keepsake box is a heartfelt way to collect and cherish the tangible memories of your special day. Just like a memory box for other life events, it serves as a curated collection of items that hold sentimental value and tell the story of your wedding.

From your beautifully designed invitations, to your intimate vows and joyous cards with well wishes, each item preserved within your Wedding Keepsake Box helps to weave the narrative of love, commitment, and celebration that marked the beginning of your journey together. 

In this blog post, we'll dive into the 10 essential items you need to save to make your Wedding Keepsake Box a treasure trove of precious memories, ensuring that the magic of your wedding day can be felt for years to come.

Newlywed Couple Excitedly Filling Their Wedding Keepsake Box with Wedding Mementos I Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials: Top 10 Items to Include

1. Invitations and Save-the-Dates

These pieces were your guests' first glimpse into your wedding day. Including them adds a sense of anticipation and excitement to your keepsake box, reflecting the style and theme of your celebration.

Invitations and Save The Dates  I Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials Top 10 Items to Include

2. Vows

Your vows are the heart of your ceremony, the verbal embodiment of your commitment. Saving your vows, whether handwritten on beautiful stationery or printed, serves as a lasting reminder of the promises you've made to each other.

Vows  I Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials Top 10 Items to Include

3. Dried Flowers

From your bouquet to the ceremonial blooms, flowers play a significant role in your wedding aesthetic. Preserving them in your keepsake box keeps the colour and beauty of the day alive.

Dried Flowers I Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials Top 10 Items to Include

4. Photographs

Choose a selection of photos that capture candid moments, loved ones, and the sheer beauty of the day. They add a visual story to your collection.

Photographs  I Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials Top 10 Items to Include

5. Wedding Order of Service

Including your wedding order of service in your keepsake box captures the rhythm and spirit of your day. It's more than just a guide; it's a detailed account of the ceremony's flow, from the music that filled the room to the readings and vows that touched everyone's hearts.

Wedding Order Of Service  I Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials Top 10 Items to Include

6. Guest Book

Filled with messages from guests, your guest book is a heartfelt compilation of well-wishes and advice for your marriage from the people who love you the most and support you as a couple.

Guest Book  I Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials Top 10 Items to Include

7. Favours and Decor

Small items from your wedding décor or favours given to guests can recreate the atmosphere of your wedding day within your keepsake box.

Favours and Decor I Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials Top 10 Items to Include

8. Jewellery and Accessories

The accessories worn on your wedding day, such as a special pair of earrings or a cufflink set, carry the essence of your personal style and the elegance of the occasion. Including these in your keepsake box adds a touch of personal flair and luxury.

Jewellery and Accessories  I Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials Top 10 Items to Include

9. Toast Speeches

The speeches given by your loved ones are often filled with humour, warmth, and wisdom. Keeping a copy of these speeches allows you to revisit the advice and affection shared by your family and friends.

Toast Speeches  I Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials Top 10 Items to Include

10. First Dance Lyrics

The song chosen for your first dance as a married couple holds a special place in your heart. Including the lyrics within your keepsake box serves as a lyrical reminder of your love and the promises made on the dance floor.

First Dance Lyrics  I Wedding Keepsake Box Essentials Top 10 Items to Include

Save Your Precious Memories Today: Finding The Perfect Wedding Keepsake Box

Putting together your wedding keepsake box is like capturing snapshots of your big day to look back on forever. It's about keeping those laughs, tears, and promises alive in a box you can open any time you want to remember how it all started. From your first steps towards marriage with your invites, to the words you exchanged promising a lifetime together, every piece has its story. 

This box isn't just a collection of things; it's a treasure chest of memories from one of the happiest days of your life. As years go by, it'll be a way to remind yourselves of the love that brought you together and the joy of that special day.

And if you're looking for the perfect Wedding Keepsake Box to start your journey, we've got you covered! Take a look at our unique collection of Personalised Wooden Wedding Keepsake Boxes; handcrafted to suit every taste and style!

About Make Memento

About Make Memento

Make Memento is your go-to destination for expertly handcrafted, personalised gifts. With an emphasis on creativity and attention to detail, our UK-based workshop offers a delightful range of handmade items, shipping not just locally but globally. Whether you're seeking a unique keepsake box, a custom keyring, or something else entirely, each piece is thoughtfully designed to capture your memories and sentiments. Visit  Make Memento to explore our collection of creative, personalised gifts, perfect for every occasion and recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you put in a wedding keepsake box?

Include invitations, vows, dried flowers, photographs, your wedding order of service, guest book, small decor items or favors, jewelry and accessories worn on the day, copies of toast speeches, and the lyrics of your first dance song. These items capture the essence and emotions of your wedding day.

How do you preserve your wedding memories?

Create a wedding keepsake box with sentimental items from your special day. To preserve these memories, include things like your wedding invitation, photos, dried flowers, and handwritten vows. Store the box in a dry, cool place to keep your memories safe for years to come.

Can you include digital items in a wedding keepsake box?

Yes, you can include digital items like videos or audio recordings by saving them on a USB drive or a digital photo frame. This way, you can relive your wedding vows or speeches and watch key moments anytime.

How do you choose items for your wedding keepsake box?

Pick items that have personal significance and capture the essence of your wedding day. Think about moments that made you smile, cry, or feel loved, and include items that remind you of those times.

What's the best way to store a wedding keepsake box?

Store your wedding keepsake box in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent damage to its contents. Consider using acid-free tissue paper to wrap delicate items like your wedding order of service or photographs to preserve them longer.

How can I personalise my wedding keepsake box?

Personalise your keepsake box by decorating it with your names, wedding date, or a quote meaningful to your relationship. You can also choose a box that reflects your wedding theme or colors to make it even more special. Make Memento have 100's of options for colours, fonts, designs and styles to personalise your Wedding Keepsake Box to your requirements.

What size should a wedding keepsake box be?

Choose a size that fits all your items comfortably without being too bulky. A medium-sized box, roughly the size of a shoebox, is often ideal, but you may adjust based on the number and size of items you wish to include. Make Memento have a range of sizes to choose from, from small to xxlarge.

How soon after my wedding should I start my keepsake box?

It's best to start your keepsake box soon after your wedding, once you've received all the photos and other items you wish to include. This way, the memories are fresh, and you're less likely to lose important pieces.