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11 Beautiful Memorial Boxes for Ashes: Keeping Your Loved One's Memory Safe

11 Beautiful Memorial Boxes for Ashes: Keeping Your Loved One's Memory Safe

Written by: Make Memento


Finding the Perfect Memorial Box

When we hold the ashes of a loved one, we're holding onto a piece of a story that means the world to us. Finding the right place to keep their ashes safe is a big step in honouring their memory. A wooden memorial box can be that special place.

Wood is a natural, strong material that has protected and held treasures for centuries. It's strong enough to keep the ashes safe, and has a warmth that feels right when remembering someone you love. Having a memorial box custom made just for you, with your loved one's name, photo, and a special message, makes it even more personal. It's a way to keep them close and cherish the moments you shared.

A handcrafted box is also practical. It won't rust or tarnish, and you can choose a size that fits just right. Plus, with a lock and key, you can be sure the ashes remain secure. A wooden box feels like a natural choice, becoming a lasting tribute to a beautiful life. Let's look at 11 beautiful Memorial Boxes to find that perfect, comforting spot for the memories that you'll always carry in your heart.

1. Embrace of Memories: Personalised Memorial Photo Keepsake Box

Keep your memories close with this simple, yet beautiful memorial box, adorned with a gentle floral design. It's a special spot for precious ashes, and includes your favourite photo of your loved one, keeping them in your sight and in your heart. 

And with a lock and key, you know their ashes are safe and sound. It's more than a box—it's a personal memory corner, just for you and them.

2. Eternal Oak Embrace: Solid Oak Custom Engraved Memorial Box

Create a lasting tribute with this solid oak keepsake box, a sturdy and beautiful home for the cherished items of someone you've loved and lost. The smooth grain of the oak and the option for personalised engraving make it deeply personal. It's not just about keeping things safe—it's about keeping memories alive. 

The golden latch, with an option for a padlock, adds a touch of elegance and security. This box is more than wood and varnish; it's a warm embrace for the memories you hold dear.

3. Everlasting Floral Tribute: Always Loved Bereavement Memory Box

In the quiet moments when you find yourself reflecting on the love and memories shared, this hand-printed keepsake box serves as a comforting presence. With the heartfelt message, "Always Loved, Never Forgotten, Forever Missed," it stands as a tribute to those who have touched our lives deeply. 

The solid pine construction and option for a personalised text make it a unique and secure place to hold ashes and precious keepsakes. The addition of a lock and key ensures that your treasured items are kept safely inside, just as the memories are kept safe in your heart. Simple in its elegance, it’s a reminder that love endures forever.

4. Paws & Remember: Personalised Pet Photo Memorial Box

Cherish the joy and companionship of a beloved pet with this personalised photo keepsake box. Your favourite pet photo can be transformed into a lasting wooden plaque that adorns this special box, creating a timeless homage to your furry friend. It's a comforting way to remember the wagging tails and purring companions that brought so much happiness to your life. 

With a secure latch—and an option for a padlock—you can keep those precious memories protected. In a choice of sizes and finishes, this box is more than a storage item; it's a celebration of love for your pet that will always be part of your family.

5. Monogrammed Memories: Engraved Initial Keepsake Box

This beautifully crafted monogram keepsake box is the perfect way to store your most cherished items. The rustic charm of the solid pine wood, paired with a personalised monogram initial, makes this box an elegant and unique ashes keepsake box. 

Secure your memories with the optional padlock and choose from a selection of wood stains to match any preference. It's not just a box—it's a treasure chest for your most heartfelt memories.

6. Circle of Life Wreath: Personalised Memorial Box with Floral Design

This personalised wooden keepsake box, etched with a name and framed by a delicate floral wreath, is a beautiful way to store cherished ashes. Its solid pine construction and quality finish speak to a timeless elegance. 

The flowing font of the engraving adds a personal, graceful touch, while the secure latch—and optional padlock—offer peace of mind for the treasures within. Available in various sizes and stains, it's a thoughtful gift that can be tailored to any taste, making it as unique as the memories it's meant to hold.

7. Companion's Keepsake: Customised Pet Memorial Box

This personalised pet keepsake box is a heartwarming tribute to a beloved pet that has passed on. With a name plaque and sweet paw print details, it's a special place to keep your furry friend's ashes, plus favourite toys, collar, or photos. The solid pine construction and thoughtful design offer a durable and attractive resting place for your pet's memories. 

Secure with a latch and optional lock, it's a comforting way to honor the bond you shared. Choose the size and finish that best fits your home and heart, knowing it's as unique as the love for your pet.

8. Portrait of Peace: Personalised Memorial Box with Photo Plaque

This personalised photo keepsake box is a heartfelt way to preserve the memory of a loved one. Featuring a custom wood plaque where your cherished photo takes center stage, it's a daily reminder of the joy and love they brought into your life. 

The vintage corner pieces add a touch of nostalgia and protection, while the bronze latch with an optional padlock ensures the safety of your treasured keepsakes. With multiple sizes and stain options, this box can be tailored to reflect your loved one's style, making it a truly personal memorial. It's a beautiful place to store precious ashes.

9. Little Angel's Keeper: Personalised Baby Memorial Box

This tenderly crafted wooden keepsake box provides a loving sanctuary for the precious memories of a baby gone too soon. It’s a thoughtful place to hold onto the physical reminders that carry the spirit and joy of a little life. Each hand-selected piece of solid pine, finished with care and attention, builds not just a box, but a treasure chest for cherished mementos. 

The box can be personalised with a name or message on the acrylic plaque, offering a gentle touch of individuality. With the security of a gold iron toggle latch and optional padlock, it ensures these irreplaceable memories are kept safe. It's a heartfelt tribute for parents to keep their angel's memory alive and close to their hearts.

10. Legacy of Love: Personalised Engraved Bereavement Memory Box

This elegantly engraved memory box is a loving way to commemorate someone special. Personalise it with a name and a significant date, crafted in beautiful calligraphy, to make it truly yours. Its sturdy pine build and distressed finish give it a timeless charm, while the secure clasp, with optional padlock, keeps your treasured items safe. 

It's a simple, yet profoundly touching way to keep your memories alive and a perfect, heartfelt gift that speaks volumes in its understated elegance.

11. Guardian of Memories: Handcrafted Plaque Memorial Box

This handcrafted keepsake box is a beautiful way to remember someone who was and always will be loved. With its solid pine construction and a customizable plaque, it's built to last just like the memories it's meant to safeguard. The secure latch and optional padlock mean that whatever you place inside — be it letters, trinkets, or something else precious — stays just between you and them. 

And with choices in size, color, and design, it's easy to find the perfect fit for your home and your heart.

Finding Comfort in Memories: A Final Thought

Finding the right box to keep your loved one's ashes is a small step that feels big. It's about making sure they have a safe place that's just as special as they were to you. Any of these handcrafted boxes can be that place – a spot to come back to when you want to remember, to smile, to feel close to them again.

Choosing the right memorial box is a deeply personal expression of love and remembrance. We hope you find a box that feels just right for you—one that honours your loved one in the way they deserve and offers you some of comfort on this journey of remembrance.

About Make Memento

About Make Memento

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a memorial box for ashes?

A memorial box for ashes is a special container designed to safely store the ashes of a loved one. It's a way to keep them close and honor their memory in a personal and meaningful way.

How do I choose the right size memorial box?

Consider what you'll store inside. If it's just ashes, measure the volume given by the crematorium. For adding mementos, like photos or jewelry, you might want a larger size. Check the box dimensions listed to find the best fit.

Can I personalise a memorial box?

Yes, many memorial boxes come with options for personalization. You can add a loved one's name, dates, a special message, or even a photo to make the box unique to them.

Are wooden memorial boxes durable?

Wooden memorial boxes are very durable. Made from solid wood like pine or oak, they're designed to last for years, providing a secure place for your loved one's ashes.

Is it secure to store ashes in a wooden box?

Yes, wooden boxes can be very secure. Many come with options for locks and keys, ensuring that the ashes are kept safe and private.

How do I care for a wooden memorial box?

Keep it in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Dust it gently with a soft cloth. If it's varnished or sealed, it requires very little maintenance to keep it looking good.

Can I travel with a memorial box for ashes?

Yes, you can travel with a memorial box. If flying, check with the airline for any specific requirements. A sturdy, lockable box is recommended for travel to keep the ashes secure.