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5th Anniversary Wooden Gifts

Find the perfect 5th wedding anniversary gift in our collection of traditional, handcrafted wooden gifts. Personalise with your names, wedding date, a special message, and so much more. From thoughtful presents for your Husband or Wife, to special keepsakes for couples to enjoy together.


Find the Perfect 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Here

Still deciding on the perfect gift for your 5th anniversary? Our selection of wooden gifts offers everything you need to make this milestone unforgettable. Choose from beautifully handcrafted pieces, each with its own unique charm, ideal for celebrating half a decade together.

Personalise Your Love - Make it truly special by adding personal touches. Engrave your names, the date you both said "I do," or a message that holds special meaning to your hearts. Our personalised options are designed to create lasting memories.

Gifts for Every Taste - From elegant wooden memory boxes to bespoke picture frames and custom-made wooden jewellery, our range caters to all styles and preferences. These are not just gifts; they're heartfelt expressions of love.

Why Wood? - Celebrate with the traditional gift of wood, symbolising the strong and lasting nature of your bond. Each piece in our collection is selected for its quality and ability to tell a story — your story.

Easy to Choose, Delightful to Receive - We know that finding the right gift can be a journey. That's why we've made our collection as diverse and accessible as possible. Dive in and discover the ideal way to say, “Here’s to us and many more years together.”

Looking for something extraordinary? You’ve come to the perfect place to find a gift that will light up your partner’s face with joy. Browse our collection and find the one-of-a-kind, personalised wooden gift that’s as unique as your love.

Why Choose Wood for Your 5th Anniversary Gift?

Wood is the official traditional gift for a 5th anniversary, and it's not hard to see why. It symbolises the strong, lasting foundation you've built together over the last five years. Think of it as nature’s way of showing off strength, growth, and the ability to adapt—just like your relationship.

What's great about choosing wood for your anniversary gift? It’s incredibly versatile and carries a warmth and personal touch that other materials can't match. Whether it’s a beautiful photo memory box, a custom engraved wooden necklace, or a practical item like a keyring turned into a cherished keepsake, wood gifts are as unique as your love story. Plus, with the option to personalise, you can make a wooden gift that's truly one-of-a-kind.

So, for something that carries deep meaning and celebrates your journey so far, wood is the perfect choice. It's about more than just tradition; it’s about marking your five years together with something as enduring and natural as your bond.

Our 5th Anniversary Wood Gift Collection

Our collection offers a wide range of unique 5th Anniversary gifts. Each item can be personalised, making your gift as special as your marriage.

Here's a glimpse of some of the gifts we offer, and why each could be the perfect 5th anniversary gift:

  • Personalised Keepsake & Memory Boxes: Ideal for storing cherished mementos, photos or love letters, these boxes become a treasure trove of your shared history.
  • Coasters: Customised with dates, names, or a quote that means something to both of you, these coasters turn every sip into a reminder of your journey.
  • Necklaces: Wooden necklaces can be intricately crafted and personalised, offering a piece of nature and a token of your love to wear close to the heart.
  • Cufflinks: Perfect for the stylish partner, personalised wooden cufflinks add a touch of sophistication and a daily reminder of your bond.
  • Watch Boxes: For the partner who cherishes their watch collection, a custom-engraved wooden watch box is both a practical and thoughtful gift.
  • Photo Gifts: Transform a favourite photo into a wooden work of art, capturing a moment from your five years together in a unique and lasting way.
  • Keyrings: A small but meaningful gift, personalised wooden keyrings are a daily reminder of your love and the life you’ve built together.
  • Wooden Cards: Break from the norm with a wooden card engraved with a heartfelt message or your anniversary date, offering something special that can be displayed and cherished forever.

Personalised Gifts for Him, Her, and Your Relationship

Our 5th Anniversary Gift Collection caters to all tastes with a thoughtful range of unique gifts options for him and for her.

But why stop at individual gifts? Choose something that celebrates your relationship as a whole. A personalised wooden photo frame can capture a moment that means the world to both of you, or a set of custom coasters can add a personal touch to your shared home. And for something truly unique, consider a wooden card inscribed with your love letter to each other.

Every item can be personalised, not just with names or dates, but with a piece of your shared story, making this anniversary truly unforgettable. And beyond personalising with your names, wedding date, or a heartfelt message, we offer a variety of colours and designs to choose from. This means your 5th anniversary gift can match your partner’s style or even the decor of your home, ensuring your gift is as individual as your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are traditional 5th anniversary gifts?
Traditional 5th anniversary gifts are made of wood, symbolising the strength and solid foundation of a five-year relationship. Our collection includes personalised wooden keepsakes, photo frames, jewellery boxes, and more, perfect for celebrating this milestone.

Can I personalise a 5th anniversary gift with a name, date or message?
Absolutely! Most of our 5th anniversary gifts can be personalised with names, dates, and special messages, making your gift truly unique and heartfelt.

What are some unique 5th anniversary gift ideas?
For something truly special, consider personalised keepsake boxes, customised wooden coasters, engraved cufflinks, or bespoke wooden cards. Each offers a unique way to celebrate your five years together.

How can I find a 5th anniversary gift for my husband/wife?
Our collection features a wide range of gifts suitable for husbands and wives. From elegant jewellery and accessories for her to practical and stylish items for him, you're sure to find the perfect gift to mark your anniversary.

What if I need help choosing a 5th anniversary gift?
If you're unsure what to choose, our customer service team is here to help. Contact usfor personalised recommendations to find the perfect gift to celebrate your 5th anniversary.

What are the best 5th anniversary wood gift ideas for 2024?
Explore our top picks for 2024, including engraved wooden watches, custom photo frames, and personalised keepsake boxes. Each gift is chosen for its quality and the personal touch it can bring to your anniversary celebration.

Is it possible to get a custom-made 5th anniversary gift?
Absolutely! We specialise in creating custom-made gifts that cater exactly to your specifications. If you have a specific idea in mind, contact our team to discuss your vision and how we can bring it to life for your 5th anniversary.

Are there eco-friendly 5th anniversary gifts available?
Yes, we're proud to offer eco-friendly options for those who prefer a sustainable choice. Our wooden gifts are made from responsibly sourced materials, ensuring a minimal environmental impact.

Do you offer shipping for 5th anniversary gifts?
Yes, we offer shipping on all our 5th anniversary gifts across the UK and internationally. Check our shipping options at checkout for delivery times and costs to your location.

Can I get a 5th anniversary gift delivered directly to my partner?
Certainly! When you place your order, simply enter your partner's address as the delivery location, and we'll send it straight to them. You can even add a personalised gift note for an extra special touch.

How can I find the perfect 5th anniversary gift within my budget?
Our collection offers a wide range of 5th anniversary gifts to fit any budget. Use our price filter feature to sort through our selection based on how much you want to spend. We're confident you'll find a meaningful and high-quality wooden gift that’s comfortably within your price range.

Do you offer discounts on 5th anniversary gifts?
Yes, we do offer discounts on our 5th anniversary gift collection. The best way to stay informed about upcoming sales and exclusive offers is to sign up for our newsletter, which also offers 15% off your first order when you sign up!. Additionally, we provide special promo codes during certain times of the year, such as around our store anniversary or major holidays. Don’t forget to check our website regularly or follow us on social media - @makememento, for the latest deals.

What Our Customers Say

Two Hearts Wedding Keepsake Box | Couple’s Names & Date | Sizes S-XL with Lock

We got this memory box for our 5th anniversary and it's amazing. We filled it with photos and little things from over the years. Adding our names and the date we got married on the box made it even more special.

Sarah & Mike


I picked out this necklace for our 5th anniversary. Being able to put our wedding date on it made it really special. My wife absolutely loved it, thanks!.

Alex P.


Just received our 'Our Soundtrack' keyrings, and they're everything I hoped for. We chose songs that meant the world to us, and seeing them etched into these keyrings is amazing! 'Yellow' by Coldplay was playing when we met, and 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran was our first dance. Such a beautiful personal gift.


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