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Supporting Children through Divorce: The Benefits of Memory Boxes

Supporting Children through Divorce: The Benefits of Memory Boxes

Written by: Make Memento


Divorce is a traumatic experience that can cause a significant disruption in the lives of everyone involved, especially children. It can lead to feelings of confusion, fear, and anxiety in children, which can have long-term effects on their mental health. 

Helping children cope with divorce is a critical task for parents, caregivers, and educators, and there are many ways to do it. One effective way to support children through divorce is by creating a memory box.

Why Memory Boxes Are a Powerful Tool for Coping with Divorce

A memory box is a personalised keepsake box that can be filled with items that are meaningful to the child. It is a way to help children understand the changes in their lives and to preserve positive memories of their family before the divorce. The memory box can be a tool for children to express their feelings, cope with the trauma of the divorce, and process their emotions. 

Child psychologists, educational experts, family support workers, and social workers all agree that a memory box is an excellent way to support children through divorce. According to Dr. Mary Donahue, a leading child psychologist, "Memory boxes can be a powerful tool for helping children cope with the trauma of divorce. It can help them understand their emotions and express them in a safe and healthy way."

How Memory Boxes Can Help Children Make Sense of Divorce

Working with a child to help them understand the change in their lives is essential. It is essential to talk to children about the divorce and help them understand why it is happening. By involving them in the process of creating a memory box, they can develop a better understanding of what is happening and why.

A memory box can help children develop a new positive life after divorce in the family. It can include items that represent the child's hopes and dreams for the future, such as pictures of places they want to visit, letters from loved ones, or drawings of their future home. This can help children look forward to the future and feel hopeful about their new life.

Promoting Healthy Relationships with Both Parents Post Divorce

A memory box can also be a way to maintain good relations with both parents after the divorce. It can include items from both parents and can be used to encourage children to continue to have a positive relationship with both parents. 

According to family support worker Sarah Johnson, "Memory boxes are an excellent way to encourage children to maintain healthy relationships with both parents. It can help them feel connected to both parents and can give them a sense of security during this difficult time."

How to Create a Memory Box to Help Your Child Cope with Divorce

Memory boxes can be a powerful tool for children coping with divorce, as they provide a tangible way to remember happy memories and feel a sense of security during a time of family upheaval. Each child's needs and interests are unique, so the contents of a memory box should be tailored to fit the individual child. 

Here are some general suggestions for items that can be included in a memory box: 

  • Photographs of the family before and after the divorce can help children remember happier times and see how their family has changed over time.
  • Letters from both parents expressing their love and support for the child can help children feel reassured and remind them that they are loved by both parents.
  • Small mementos from family holidays or special events can be included to help children remember happy memories and feel connected to their past. 
  • A journal or notebook for the child to write down their thoughts and feelings can help them process their emotions and express themselves in a healthy way. 
  • A favorite toy or stuffed animal can provide comfort during difficult times and serve as a symbol of stability.
  • Special family recipes or favourite treats can be included to help children feel connected to their family's traditions and memories. 
  • Artwork or crafts made by the child or both parents can be included to celebrate creativity and provide a tangible representation of happy times. 

By including these items and others that are meaningful to your child, you can create a personalised memory box that will help them cope with the challenges of divorce and provide a source of comfort and security.

Where you can find the perfect Memory Box to support your child through Divorce

By working with your child to create a memory box, you can help them cope with the trauma of divorce, while retaining good relations with both parents and maintaining good mental health for your child. 

At Make Memento, we understand the emotional challenges of divorce and the impact it can have on children. That's why we're dedicated to creating personalised memory boxes that can help support children through this difficult time. We believe that every child deserves a special and meaningful tool to help them cope with the trauma of divorce and move forward in a positive way. 

Our memory boxes can be customised and designed to fit your child's unique needs and interests, making them a truly personal and special gift. We take great care in crafting each memory box with attention to detail and quality, ensuring that it will be a cherished item for years to come. When you choose Make Memento, you can feel confident that you're providing your child with a special and powerful tool to help them understand and cope with the challenges of divorce.

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