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6 Top Tips for an amazing Outdoor Wedding

6 Outdoor Wedding Tips I Wedding Blog I Make Memento

Your Guide To The Perfect Outdoor Wedding!

Whether it’s a Wonderful Woodland Wedding, or a Beautiful Beach Theme, an outdoor Wedding is a sure way to create a memorable day for you and your guests, but there’s a lot to plan! Here’s our top tips to make sure your outdoor Wedding goes off without a hitch!

1: The Weather

First things first, no-one can predict the weather, but you can be strategic. Unless you love harsh winters and rainstorms; it’s important to choose the right season for your Outdoor Wedding. Spring and Summer months are naturally going to be better, but there are some months that are better suited to an Outdoor Wedding than others. In recent years, April has had fantastic spring weather, and the seasonal flowers blooming will make for great photos! June through to September are always a good bet too; but do consider that it could get too hot, (did we really say that?!) some of your guests might not appreciate roasting in the heat, so consider options for shaded areas and cover. Likewise, no matter how good the weather promises to be, contingency plans for rain are a necessity. Large marquees, Tipis, and temporary outdoor shelters are all a great way of making sure you have a backup plan, and they can be decorated beautifully to add another stunning element to your Wedding.

What season is best for your Wedding Venue?

Consider contingency plans if the weather isn't great that day.

2: Know your Location

So, you’ve found the perfect spot for your Outdoor Wedding, but how accessible is it? Some of the most beautiful spots can be difficult to reach, so make sure you consider the journey for your guests. Once that’s sorted, make sure you have factored in accessibility for any disabled guests, and for facilities such as toilets. Remember you will be there all day, so make sure you are comfortable with your surroundings and know the local area in case you or your guests need something.

Outdoor City weddings are great for travelling guests.

Check accessibility for disabled guests.

Find out if your venue has facilities for food and other activities.

3: Work with Nature

One common mistake when organising an Outdoor Wedding, is the temptation to decorate the location in the same way you would do with an indoor venue. STOP! You chose an Outdoor Venue because of it’s natural beauty! Trust your instincts and go with it! Unless you’ve chosen to get married in an inner-city alleyway, (which admittedly might need a lot of work) you should be simply adding the final touches to a ready-made setting! You’ll need the essentials such as seating, table areas and signage; but aside from that, let the location do the hardwork for you. A great way to make a saving on your budget!

Stunning backdrops can be great for photos.

Why buy flowers when Mother Nature provides?!

Let your surroundings compliment your style.

4: Power is Everything

Are you planning to have Music on your Big Day? An Outdoor Bar? A Buffet with Hot Plates? All of these things and more require electricity, so it’s important to make sure you know what electrical access your Wedding location has, and how reliable it is. Make sure you have battery operated back-ups if appropriate. In this modern day, Wi-Fi access and mobile phone signal may also be important to your guests, especially if they want to share photos of the beautiful surroundings on the day. Be sure to find out how connected your location is.

Does your outdoor venue have WIFI signal?

Will you need lighting in the evening?

Check facilities for music & entertainment.

5: Catering Cautions

Eating Al Fresco can be great for a Wedding, and works really well to maintain a more casual, family feel to the day. It’s important to be prepared though, especially if it’s a large Wedding. Think about what kind of meal would be easier for an Outdoor Wedding – a BBQ? Buffet? Full sit down meal? Also consider what foods will be best preserved in the weather conditions expected that day. Contact your caterer to discuss the best dishes to serve, and how they can be preserved to stay fresh for the duration of the meal.

Al Fresco or under cover?

Canapes are great for Outdoor Weddings

Buffets are always a hit with guests!

6: Soundcheck

So the Big Day is here, the setting is perfect, the weather is gorgeous, the birds are singing…and drowning out your speech…WAIT, that’s not how it’s supposed to go! The thought of the beautiful sounds of nature can be great, as long as you’re not fighting with it! Make sure you scope out your location beforehand and have a good idea of what surrounding sounds might interrupt important aspects of your day. Microphones are a good idea to be sure the all important vows can be heard by all the guests!

Make sure your guests can hear your speech

Check whether you'll need any sound equipment

Be sure your surroundings aren't too noisy!

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Hesta Byerley 

Owner and Crafter at Make Memento

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