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12 Perfect Picks to Save for Your Baby's Keepsake Box

12 Perfect Picks to Save for Your Baby's Keepsake Box

Written by: Make Memento


Creating a baby keepsake box is like gathering pieces of a beautiful puzzle; each piece holds a memory, a laugh, a tear, or a milestone from your baby's early days. Imagine years from now, sitting down with a box filled with treasures, each telling its own story of your little one's journey from infancy. This isn't just any box; it's a time capsule of love, growth, and family bonds.

But here comes the tricky part: deciding what to include in your baby's keepsake box. With so many firsts and special moments, it's hard to know where to start. That's where we step in. Whether you're a new parent feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the 'firsts' or you're looking for unique items to add to your collection, we've got you covered.

In this post, we'll explore 12 perfect picks to save for your baby's keepsake box—items that capture the essence of those fleeting first years. From the traditional to the unexpected, these keepsakes will ensure your baby's milestones are cherished forever. So, grab a cup of tea, and let’s embark on this journey together, creating a treasure trove of memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

1. The First Outfit

Think about the very first outfit your baby wore. It's more than just fabric; it's a bundle of memories from when you first met your little one. This outfit marks a huge moment: your baby's grand entrance into the world. Keeping it in your baby's keepsake box turns a simple piece of clothing into a treasure, packed with all the love and excitement of those first precious days.

This outfit is a snapshot of a time when your baby was so tiny, a reminder of the beginning of your family's journey. It's one of those newborn keepsakes that's not just for you to look back on and smile but something special you can show your child when they're older. It tells a story of love, joy, and the start of something beautiful. So, when you're picking items for the keepsake box, the first outfit is a must—it's the perfect symbol of your baby's first steps in life.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: First Outfit

2. Handprint and Footprint Kit

Have you ever thought about how quickly babies grow? One day, they're tiny, and before you know it, they're running around! That's where a handprint or footprint kit comes in. It's like pressing the pause button on your baby's growth, capturing a moment that you can keep forever.

These kits are one of the best baby keepsake crafts because they let you save a little piece of your baby's early days in a unique and personal way. You can see the tiny lines on their hands and feet and remember how small they once were. Plus, it's a fun activity to do with your little one, adding a personal touch to your keepsake box.

Years from now, when your child's hand is as big as yours, you'll have this special memory to look back on. It's not just about remembering how tiny they were but also about celebrating their growth and the journey you're on together. So, don't forget to include a handprint or footprint in your baby's keepsake box—it's a simple, yet beautiful way to capture a moment in time.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: Handprint & Footprint Kit

3. Hospital Bracelet

The hospital bracelet your baby wears is one of the very first identifiers of their unique presence in the world. It's small, simple, but incredibly meaningful. Keeping this bracelet is like holding onto the very first moments of your baby's life, a tiny but powerful reminder of the day your world changed forever.

As one of those baby souvenir ideas that seem so simple yet are so packed with emotion, the hospital bracelet symbolises the start of your baby's journey. It might have their name, birthdate, and other important details – all marking the beginning of their story.

Tucking the hospital bracelet into your baby's keepsake box adds a personal touch that's directly connected to their very first day. Years down the line, when you sift through the keepsakes, this bracelet will transport you back to those initial hours filled with joy, anticipation, and love. It's more than just a piece of plastic; it's a treasure, a snapshot of the day your baby's story began.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: Hospital Bracelet

4. Birth Announcement

Remember the excitement of announcing your baby's arrival to the world? A birth announcement card or a newspaper clipping from the day they were born captures that joy perfectly. These aren't just pieces of paper; they're your first public shoutout celebrating your baby's entry into your lives and the wider world.

Including this in your baby's keepsake box is a great way to preserve that special announcement for years to come. It's one of those personalised baby keepsakes that adds a unique story to your collection, showing the day that was all about welcoming your little one.

This announcement is a snapshot of the time your baby was born, reflecting the happiness and love that surrounded their arrival. It's a piece of history, a memento that your child will love to see when they're older. It tells them, "This was a day so special, the whole world had to know about you." So, make sure to save that birth announcement—it's a simple, yet deeply meaningful way to remember one of the happiest days of your life.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: Birth Announcement

5. First Lock of Hair

There's something incredibly sweet about keeping the first lock of hair from your baby's first haircut. This tradition is a way to hold onto a piece of their babyhood even as they grow and change every day. It's a tiny, soft reminder of those early stages that seem to rush by in the blink of an eye.

Adding this lock of hair to your baby's keepsake box turns it into one of those memorable baby items that you'll cherish forever. It's not just hair; it's a symbol of your baby's journey from infancy towards growing up, a tangible piece of their early years that you get to keep.

When you look back at this lock of hair years later, it will bring back a flood of memories from when your baby was still so small. It's a beautiful, simple way to remember the times when you were just beginning to discover the world together. So, when the time comes for that first haircut, remember to save a little lock for your keepsake box. It's a small gesture that means so much more.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: First Lock of Hair

6. Special Gifts

Among the many joys of welcoming a new baby are the thoughtful gifts from friends and family, each chosen with love and care. A hand-knitted blanket, a cuddly stuffed animal, or a handmade toy not only brings warmth and comfort to your baby but also carries the affection of those who gifted them. These special gifts are perfect candidates for your baby's keepsake box.

Saving these items as part of your collection of baby keepsake ideas does more than just preserve objects; it keeps the love and well-wishes of your loved ones alive. As your child grows, these gifts become a tangible link to their earliest days and the community of people who celebrated their arrival.

Including special gifts in the keepsake box creates a treasure trove of memories that your child can feel, see, and hold as they get older. They're not just toys or blankets; they're symbols of love, each with its own story and sentimental value. So, as you gather items for your keepsake box, remember to add those special gifts. They remind us of the love that surrounds us from the very beginning.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: Special Gifts

7. Milestone Cards or Photos

Every baby's first year is full of incredible milestones - from their first smile to their first steps. Capturing these moments with milestone cards or photos is a wonderful way to document their growth and achievements. These aren't just snapshots or cards; they're baby milestone keepsakes that tell the story of your baby's journey through their earliest days.

By keeping these milestone markers in your baby's keepsake box, you're creating a visual diary of their first year. Each card or photo marks a special point in their development, a moment of joy and pride for the whole family. It's amazing to look back and see how much they've grown and changed in just a short time.

These keepsakes also give your child a unique gift when they're older: a detailed account of their early life and all the milestones they reached. It's a way to share those precious first achievements with them, showing them how celebrated and loved they've been from the start. So, don't forget to include those milestone cards or photos in your keepsake box. They're key pieces of the incredible story of your baby's first year.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: Milestone Cards or Photos

8. First Shoes

There's something incredibly special about your baby's first pair of shoes. They represent one of the biggest milestones in your little one's early life: starting to walk. That's why so many parents choose to save these tiny shoes as a keepsake. They're not just footwear; they're a symbol of your child's first steps towards independence.

Adding the first shoes to your baby's memory box gives you a tangible reminder of this significant moment. It's hard to believe how small their feet once were and how those little shoes supported their first wobbly steps. These shoes are often worn and scuffed, which only adds to their charm, showing the determination and exploration of your curious little adventurer.

Years from now, when you and your child look back at these first shoes, they'll serve as a powerful memory of the beginning of their journey on their own two feet. It's a reminder of the challenges they've overcome and the strides they've made since then. So, make sure to save that first pair of shoes. They're a key piece of the story you're building in your baby's memory box, capturing the essence of those precious early days of discovery and growth.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: First Shoes

9. Favourite Book

Among the many firsts in your baby's life, the story times you share are some of the most magical. Including the favourite book you loved reading to your baby during their first year in the keepsake box captures the warmth and closeness of those moments. This book isn't just another item; it's a first year baby keepsake that holds countless memories of cuddles, giggles, and the sound of your voice bringing stories to life.

This book could be anything from a classic fairy tale to a modern board book full of vibrant pictures. It's the one that your baby never grew tired of, the one that made their eyes light up every time you turned the pages together. Saving it in your keepsake box means you're not just preserving a book, but the precious early bond you shared.

Years later, when you pull this book from the box, you'll be transported back to those quiet, cozy moments. It's a way to remember the joy of those first literary adventures and the beginnings of a lifelong love of reading. So, don't forget to include this special book among your baby's keepsakes. It's a simple, beautiful way to keep those cherished storytime memories alive.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: Favourite Book

10. Letters to Baby

One of the most heartfelt items you can include in your baby's keepsake box is a letter (or letters) you've written to them. These letters are a unique way to capture your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams for your child at this moment in time. They're not just pieces of paper; they're messages from the heart, waiting to be discovered in the future.

Writing letters to your baby offers a personal touch that other keepsakes can't match. You can talk about the day they were born, how you felt when you first held them, or the aspirations you hold for their future. These letters serve as a time capsule, giving your child a glimpse into your life and emotions during their earliest years.

As part of your baby keepsake organiser, these letters are invaluable. They provide not only a snapshot of the present but also a connection between generations. Imagine your child, years from now, reading your words and feeling the love and excitement that surrounded their arrival.

So, take some time to sit down and write to your baby. It doesn't have to be perfect—what matters is that it's from you. These letters are a beautiful way to strengthen the bond between you and your child, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: Letters to Baby

11. First Artwork

There’s something incredibly special about your baby’s first attempts at art, whether it’s a scribble, a dab of paint, or a crayon masterpiece. These early expressions are your baby’s way of exploring the world and communicating before they can even speak. That’s why saving their first piece of artwork makes for a perfect DIY baby keepsake. It captures a moment of creativity and discovery that’s entirely unique to your child.

Adding this artwork to your baby's keepsake box isn’t just about preserving a piece of paper; it’s about holding onto a piece of their imagination. It’s the start of their creative journey, a physical representation of their development and personality.

This first artwork can be a fun and colorful addition to your collection of keepsakes, bringing a smile to your face every time you see it. It’s also a great way to encourage your child’s creativity, showing them how much you value their expressions and efforts from the very beginning.

So, don’t forget to save that first scribble, dot, or stroke. It’s more than just art; it’s a milestone in your baby’s life and a beautiful, personal keepsake that you’ll treasure for years to come.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: First Artwork

12. First Baby Toys

Remember those first toys your baby loved? Maybe a cuddly teddy bear or a bright rattle? These aren’t just toys; they’re the first friends your baby ever made. Keeping one of these toys in your keepsake box is like keeping a piece of your baby’s first laughs and discoveries.

Putting a favourite baby toy in the box is a way to remember the fun times and how your baby began exploring the world. It’s about saving those special moments when a simple toy seemed like the most exciting thing ever.

Years later, when you find this toy again, it’ll bring back all those memories of early smiles and playtime. So, don’t forget to save one of those cherished toys. It’s a sweet reminder of the joyful and innocent times in your baby’s life.

What to Store in your Baby Keepsake Box: First Baby Toys

Finding the Perfect Keepsake Box for your Baby Memories

So, we've been through all the lovely bits and pieces you can keep safe for your little one - from their very first outfit to those cute scribbles that mean so much. Now the question remains: where can you find the perfect baby keepsake box to hold these treasures?

Don't worry, we've got you covered at Make Memento. Our personalised baby keepsake boxes are perfect for storing these special memories. 

You can pick from a variety of great designs and even add your baby's name, their birthdate, a little message from the heart, or a special design of your choice. Made with a whole lot of love, these boxes aren't just for keeping things; they're a piece of your family's story. Head over to Make Memento Keepsake Boxes to find that special box that'll guard your memories for years to come. It's the cherry on top for keeping those early year memories alive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start a baby keepsake box?

It's never too early! Begin with ultrasound photos or pregnancy tests and add to it as your baby grows.

What should I put in my baby's keepsake box?

Start with memorable and sentimental items like their first outfit, a lock of hair from their first haircut, and special occasion outfits and photos. Don't forget about milestone cards, their favourite book, and any letters you've written to them. These items capture the essence of their early years.

How do I preserve items in a baby keepsake box?

To keep items safe, wrap them in acid-free tissue paper or place them in archival-quality plastic sleeves. This helps protect the keepsakes from damage over time. Also, store the box in a dry, cool place to prevent any deterioration.

Can I include digital keepsakes in my baby's memory box?

Absolutely! Consider storing digital keepsakes like photos or videos on a USB drive or an external hard drive. You could also print out your favourite digital photos to include in the box.

When should I start a keepsake box for my baby?

It's never too early to start! You can begin collecting items even before your baby is born, like ultrasound photos or pregnancy test displays. Then, continue adding to it throughout their childhood.

What makes a good baby keepsake?

Good baby keepsakes are items that hold sentimental value and capture key moments or milestones in your baby's life. They should evoke memories and emotions, making them cherished items to look back on.

How do I choose which baby books to save as keepsakes?

Pick books that have a special meaning to you and your baby—perhaps a book you read repeatedly or one that your baby particularly loved. The emotional connection to the story will make it a valuable keepsake.

Is it okay to keep items that aren't traditionally considered keepsakes?

Yes! Your baby's keepsake box should be personal and unique to your family's experiences. If something holds special meaning to you, it's worth including, even if it's not a traditional keepsake item.

How can I make the keepsake box special for my baby?

Personalise the box with your baby’s name and birthdate or decorate it with themes that are meaningful to your family. Including personal letters or handmade items can also add a special touch. Head to our Keepsake & Memory Box page to see how we can help you personalise your Baby Keepsake Box

Can I add to the keepsake box as my child grows?

Definitely. Your baby's keepsake box can evolve as they grow, capturing not just babyhood but childhood memories as well. It's a living collection that grows with your child.

What do I do if my keepsake box is getting full?

If your box is getting full, consider starting a new one for different stages of your child's life, or carefully curate the items to include only the most meaningful. It's about the quality of memories, not the quantity of items.

Remember, your baby's keepsake box is a personal collection of memories and milestones. Choose items that mean the most to you and your child, and enjoy the journey of building it together.

Where can I buy a personalised baby keepsake box?

For a special, personalized baby keepsake box, check out Make Memento. We offer a beautiful range of boxes that you can customize with your baby's details. Visit us at Make Memento Keepsake Boxes to find the perfect home for your cherished memories.