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6 things we loved about 2015!

6 things we loved about 2015!

Make Memento Blog 6 things we loved about 2015Once again, we find ourselves asking the question; ‘Where has this year gone?!’. The last twelve months have been an exciting, colourful, and oh-so-hectic blur of acrylics, power tools, designs, crafts and hair-brained ideas! Somehow, that’s all come together to make some beautiful product lines and the chance for us to make truly unique crafts for our wonderful customers! So, as we head into the New Year, here’s a look at some of our highlights for 2015!

6. Social networks
Ah, social media; life’s greatest distraction! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest - you name it, we’ve shared on it! This year’s been a bit different though…as well as gawking over the endlessly sweet cat videos, drooling over every type of sMake Memento Online Craft handmade artist of the monthtationary available (we’re obsessed), and posting our newest crafts, we’ve also joined communities and discovered some AWESOME stuff! This year, our networks grown and we’ve been involved in some of the great online conversations about all things handmade – we’ve even had some recognition for our work too!













5. Blog features!

There are some great blogs out there and the more we read, the more we are inspired! This year, we have been lucky enough to feature in some outstanding UK blogs and gift guides, here are three of our favourites! 


4. New crafts, new designs

We’ve had a lot of fun developing, designing and making new products this year and we’re happy to say they’ve been flying off the shelves! Without a doubt though, there are three new crafts that stand out for us as our real favourites. Here’s the rundown.

Hand-engraved, personalised wooden boxes

New engraved oak keyrings

Hand-painted canvas wall art

Make Memento blog handpainted canvas wall art

3. Buzzfeed gift guide feature

OK, this was definitely an ‘eek’ moment! Buzzfeed is a daily must-read at Make MemeMake Memento Buzzfeed tea gift guidento HQ, so, when we found out we had been featured in one of their gift guides, we were over the moon! Known for curating quirky and interesting finds from around the web, our Lionel Richie inspired oak coaster fit in perfectly with the Buzzfeed gift guide for tea obsessives. Check it out here!

2. Condé Nast Traveller luxury gift guide
There are few publications in the world who can boast of a portfolio as high profile asMake Memento Blog Conde Nast Traveller Luxury Gift Guide Condé Nast, and their traveller publication oozes style and an eye for detail. So you can imagine our excitement when we got a call from a representative at their headquarters in Vogue House, London! Just two weeks later, we had our first appearance in a national lifestyle magazine – featuring our hand-engraved wooden boxes! Take a look at the gift guide online:





1. Our customers!

When we launched Make Memento three years ago, we wanted to bring something special, unique and exciting to the online handmade market, providing our customers with the perfect shopping experience. What we didn’t count on, was the continued support we would get from our customers in return – the great conversations, the fun of collaborating to design a unique gift, and the joy of knowing that we helped to create a truly special gift for a loved one. Our customers have been with us every step of the way, so; for every purchase, review, recommendation and for all the kind messages, we say: THANK YOU!

So, that’s our round-up for 2015 and here’s to an even better 2016!


Our blog posts are written by Creative Director and Founder, Hesta Byerley. To see more from Make Memento, follow us on social media.

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daffy - January 19, 2016

Best of luck with sales- 2016!.

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