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5 Amazing Etsy Facts l Selling on Etsy l Handmade

5 Amazing Etsy Facts l Selling on Etsy l Handmade

When it comes to handmade marketplaces, nothing beats Etsy! With over 54 million members, and 1.8 million handmade sellers, Etsy is a great place for your handmade crafts to be seen, and for buyers to find something truly unique.

Launched in 2005, Etsy quickly became a hub for creatives, makers and designers to share their art with the world, and make a profit! With low seller fees (3.5%) a user-friendly platform, and the opportunity to network with other like-minded handmade artists; thousands of sellers have thrived on Etsy, enabling them to pursue a full time career whilst indulging their creative passions.

Today, Etsy has seen many changes, some good, some bad, but it remains the best online platform to start a handmade business. See our list of 2017 Etsy stats and infographic below to find out why:

1. There are a whopping 54 million sellers on Etsy! With 1.8 handmade sellers, and 30.6 million active buyers, it's a handmade dream!

2. 86% of sellers on Etsy are female - GIRL POWER RULES!

3. Total revenue for Etsy in 2016 reached $364.9million, proving what a lucrative market the handmade industry has become!

4. 83 countries around the world have sellers on Etsy - a truly global phenomenon.

5. 65% of Etsy shoppers prefer to browse and shop via mobile devices, with over 40% purchasing on the go.


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5 Amazing Etsy Facts Every Handmade Seller Should Know l Handmade Blog l Make Memento

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